MicroMissions Summary

The Emmanuel MicroMission fund offers small grants to assist community groups in serving their neighbors and address local needs. The idea is for community groups or other groups of church members to use the funds to support those in their neighborhood or nearby community. The idea follows the general principles:

  1. Projects are intended for those whom the people in the group already have relationships.
  2. Ideally, the group will contribute their own resources, either through labor, money, time, etc. We want co-ownership and sweat equity.
  3. Funds cannot be used for direct transfers of funds, i.e. funds cannot be used for a straight monetary donation to a non-profit. However, funds can be used to buy things to support various groups, e.g. beds for a homeless shelter that the group delivers.
  4. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until budgeted funds are spent.
  5. A small story outlining what each grant does will be posted to the Emmanuel Blog, and possibly summarized in quarterly meetings.

Have a project? Apply! You will be asked to detail the following:

  • Project summary
  • Project details
  • Financial details