Arlington SpeakEasy

Why does God allow suffering in the world? Why isn't Christianity more inclusive?

If you've ever wondered these things or more, then please join SpeakEasy discussion on Thursdays (April 12-May 24) at Rí Rá (2915 Wilson Blvd., Clarendon) for an open and stimulating discussion through a New York Times Bestseller book by Tim Keller, The Reason for God and whatever other topics people raise.

April 12
There Can't Be Just One True Religion

April 19
How Could a Good God Allow Suffering

April 26
Christianity Is a Straightjacket

May 3
The Church Is Responsible for So Much Injustice

May 10
How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell?

May 17
Science Has Disproved Christianity

May 24
You Can't Take the Bible Literally

This group is meeting to foster dialogue about our doubts and conflicts with Christianity in a safe, open forum. All beliefs and views are welcome here!

Come by and bring a friend! Contact Chris Dorn with any questions.