At Emmanuel, all members are called to serve the needs of others. At the same time, our deacons will help us to "consider how to spur one another to love and good deeds" (Hebrews 10:24), addressing the physical needs of people in Emmanuel and the broader community. 

Team Vision

Vision: Relate and Restore

Goal: We will spread a passion for the supremacy of Jesus by 1) Meeting the needs of people in our networks of relationships and by intentionally developing relationships with those whom we serve, and 2) By seeking to not only meet immediate needs but also seek to restore just and healthy relationships with the body, the family, the church, the government, and the economy.

Guiding principles:

  • The responsibility of using our gifts to serve falls upon all believers, as an outward expression of inward grace, in witness to love for the Lord in His people

  • Jesus said that those who do not yet believe will know that Christians belong to him by the way they care for one another. We will strive to make Christ known by our lavish and caring love for one another.

  • In addition to meeting the needs of those in our congregation, we seek to show God’s mercy to those outside. One way we do this is by intentionally partnering with secular non-profits in our community, in order to be the presence of Christ to those who do not believe. By our service and passion the world will see the heart Christ has for the poor.

  • Our love must be genuine. We must genuinely seek to relieve others immediate needs and through that sincere service show that Christ can bring a broader relief and restoration than anything they have ever known. We seek to minister holistically as we strive to redeem all levels of brokenness in creation. We want to bring the not yet to the now. (James 2:15-17, 1 Peter 2:12)

To learn more about our diaconal ministry, please read Something More In Mind: Diaconal Ministry at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church.


For information on how receive assistance, go to Congregational Mercy Needs & Community Mercy Needs.

Emmanuel Deacons

Ordained: Jim Muzzall (chair)
Appointed: C.T. Aiken, Tami Barney, Ken Hettler, Jim Presswood, Brian Shaw, Mary Jane Sinclair, Connie Staudinger, Richard Staudinger 


(Emmanuel Elder Ministry information)