Sunday Mornings at Emmanuel

Emmanuel Presbyterian Church is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for every child who attends nursery or Sunday school. We believe the parents are primarily responsible under God to bring up their children in the training and instruction of the Lord. Our role in the nursery and Sunday school is to support and encourage the ministry of the parents by faithfully teaching and modeling God’s Word and showing genuine Christianity to the children in our care. Accordingly, our caregivers must commit to loving our children as Christ loves them.

Emmanuel takes seriously the safety of our children. We have a Child Abuse Prevention Policy (CAPP), which complies with Virginia standards and governs volunteer screening, child abuse prevention, and caregiver/parent education. Our CAPP is available upon request.

Contact Info

Kelli Dudley – Children’s Ministry Coordinator


Mission Statement

Children’s Ministry at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church seeks to engage with families of Emmanuel and beyond by providing spiritual, emotional, and educational support to help children grow in the knowledge and never ending love of Jesus.

Gospel Centered
where children not only learn about the transforming grace found through the gospel, but also learn how to apply that grace to all aspects of their lives.

Outward Facing
where children will be encouraged to form the habits of loving and serving their neighbor.

Organic Ministry
where by building on the natural relationships in our congregation we seek to tap the gifts within our community to encourage and equip parents to grow in their God given responsibility to teach and train their children.

Depth and Substance
where each child grows in the foundational knowledge of scriptural truth and the joy of worship while learning how to live out their faith in everyday life.

Ministry Priorities 

Child Targeted
Following the model of Jesus we seek to make the gospel directly accessible to children in order to create a ministry that reaches, teaches and loves them.

We will create a positive environment where all children feel safe and parents know we have their child’s best interest as a top priority at all times.

We will strive help children see that the Bible is written for them and is applicable in their life.

We will strive to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement with the goal that kids will want to return week after week.

All children and families will be welcomed at Emmanuel with full appreciation for the many cultures of our larger community.

& Check-out Procedures for the Nursery & Sunday School

Before taking your child to the nursery or worship, please sign your child in at the Children’s Ministry sign-in table located just outside the auditorium. When you sign your child in you will be given two labels. Please write both your name and your child’s name on each label. Place one label on your child’s back and keep the second label with you. You must also write your child’s name on the sign-in sheet along with the number of the beeper (nursery only) that you are given.  When it is time to pick up your child, please give your label to the child care provider or teacher. Your child will only be released to the person possessing the label that matches your child’s label.


Nursery (1 month - 24 months) is available from 10:15am – 12:15pm. The church nurseries are staffed by a paid weekly caregiver and members of Emmanuel. There will always be two adults caring for the children and a third person will be added if necessary. We seek to provide a safe, healthy, stimulating environment where infants feel not only loved, but confident to learn and explore.

Please bring a diaper bag (labeled with your child’s name) with the following items:

  • 1-2 diapers, wipes
  • bottle or sippy cup
  • change of clothes

All items MUST be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

General Information

  • Nursery facilities will be open 15 minutes prior to and approximately 15 minutes after service.
  • Toys are wiped down with a germicidal solution each Sunday.
  • ‘Looking in’ on your child may cause unnecessary upset not only to your own child, but to other children as well.
  • Due to space limitations, please leave strollers in the hallway right outside the room.

Children's Church and Sunday School for 2 year olds – 2nd grade

Sunday school for 2-3 year old begins at 10:25am. Children ages 4 years – 2nd grade should worship with their parent(s) until the greeting time at which point they will be invited to attend Sunday school.

An emphasis will be placed on creating a safe and fun environment while using curriculum that is age appropriate.

  • Please take your child to the bathroom before class.
  • You may take your child to Sunday school or allow the Sunday school teachers to walk him/her upstairs.
3rd - 5th graders

Emmanuel believes that families should worship together and that starting around 2nd grade a child has the maturity to begin sitting through an entire worship service. All children are part of the covenant congregation and God commands his covenant people to come together and worship him. He values the praise and presence of his children! Children have an amazing ability to absorb a tremendous amount of information. Music and words will become familiar and the message of the music will start to sink in. The consistency of the service will start to feel natural and even if most of the sermon “goes over their heads” they will remember certain words and phrases. The worship service will allow parents a great opportunity to teach their children the great truths of our faith. Below are a few tips to assist you and your child to fully participate in the worship service:

  • Pick up a children's bulletin at the Children's Ministry Info Table before service starts.
  • Speak of worshipping as an opportunity to praise God and know him better.
  • Encourage your child to get a drink of water and go to the restroom before the service starts.
  • Pray together for the service, either at home before you go to church, or when you get to church.
  • Talk with your child about the different elements of the service. The children’s bulletin has simple explanations that explain the elements.
  • Help the child to find the Scripture passages in their Bible and to follow along as the scripture is being read.
  • Mention the service in casual conversation at home. Recall enjoyable moments, reviewing things your child remembers and encourage them to ask questions.

note: as Emmanuel continues to grow, we are exploring options of ways to best serve children in 3rd - 5th grade.

Sick Child Policy

We want a safe and loving environment for ALL who enter our nursery and Sunday school room. Please keep your child at home when you note any of the following within 24 hours of a church event:

  • A fever of 100° or higher* (taken orally)
  • Rashes (other than diaper rash)
  • Nasal discharge that is either green or yellow
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Eye Infections
  • Continuous coughing
  • Extreme irritability or tiredness
  • Any infections that require the use of antibiotics**

*Your child must be fever-free for 24 hours without the use of Tylenol (or other similar medication) before entering the nursery or Sunday school.

**If your child is taking antibiotics for an infection they must take the medication for a period of 24 hours before entering the nursery or Sunday school.