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How do you spend 30 years in a tiny cell and come out ready to forgive the people who put you there?
The instrumental music of J. S. Bach well-illustrates both God’s transcendence and His immanence.
Distance far from or near to something we're seeking can often end up being relative and fickle. God's proximity to our lives, however, is so consistently close He could touch us.
This is where God the artist really becomes visible. That non describable element, that knowledge known only somewhere that can’t quite be captured, is allowed into the equation.
. . . when you focus on something, everything far behind it and far in front of it seems imprecise, fuzzy, and vague.
Even in the dire darkness, salvation may be there, walking with us step for step.
How do we bridge the infinite gap between far and near?
The expectancy of Christmas, what we were waiting for when we were growing up.
Does God fulfill our expectations, or surprise us by surpassing them in ways that we could never have imagined?
You've come to expect the best. Or maybe you expect the worst (I hope not)! Whichever you choose you've got to do something to get things rolling properly. How much do you value careful consideration and planning?
But, truth be told, etched in the design and mold A mustard seed as been planted, and begins to grow
The chaos; spontaneous-uninitiated-unarranged-change or entropy of a closed system continually increases.
T.S. Eliot paints a tragic portrait of failure in Prufrock, but he shows us the essence of fulfillment in the most unlikely of places.
Eager Expectancy?...No Such Thing
How remembering Christ's humility transformed my reading of "A Christmas Carol."
Discussions of “want” and “plenty” tend to focus on material goods. But how important is music (and the other arts) to a robust Biblical understanding of “plenty?”
Tis’ the season of gift giving- or gift receiving, cha ching! If you are working inside of a calendar year fiscal year, then tis’ the season for counting the coin and closing some end of year sales. It may be exhilarating to see your organization closing the year strong, or may be depressing to see it only happening to your competitors. However, whichever side you find yourself (yes, it’s that much in God’s hands), the catch with a season is that, by nature, they come and go. Seasons imply something next, that something else is coming.
I recently had the privilege of spending a week in the Galapagos Islands with my family.
". . .destined to change the way we live" but not enough to change our life.
Two celebrated theologians, born nearly 100 years apart from one another, journey together through the foothills of heaven. We have so much to learn from them.
How can we be transformed from want to plenty, if we don't even know we want?
How Christ's humility in the incarnation redeems incarnational ministry
What does the transition from darkness to light sound like? Throughout the ages, composers have developed techniques and devices for symbolizing this transition.
Endeavoring in business with integrity, passion, and drive is both exciting and exhausting. No matter what your chase may look like to catch the right acorn for your company or career, you can rest in God's blessing of Christ's pursuit of you!
The Incredulity of Saint Thomas/Caravaggio/1601 - 1602 I remember when I first studied this painting. I was in grad school, trying to create art myself. Without giving away too much information, it was during a time when imagery in contemporary culture was just beginning to really worship the down and dirty. There was still a facade in the mainstream, and most definitely in the Christian community, of only showing a superficial nice side of things.
One day God will reveal to us all the wonders of His creation and one day we will also experience a spiritual fullness and closeness with God that we have never experienced before.


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