Emmanuel believes strongly in the "priesthood of all believers," the biblical idea that all of us are called and equipped to tend to the spiritual needs of others. We also believe the Scriptures direct churches to elect from their own a group of elders to provide spiritual oversight to the congregation. Individually, elders are responsible to counsel, teach, pray with and for the members of Emmanuel. Collectively, these elders form what Presbyterians call a "Session," which governs a local congregation.

To learn more about the ministry of an elder, please read Qualifications for Elder.

Emmanuel Elders

Lawson Bader (bio)

Joshua Chang (bio)

Jamie Johnson (bio)

Jim Wesolowski (bio)


The nomination process for elders is open through the month of November. In nominating a candidate for church office at Emmanuel, you are taking an active step in government and function of our church. We ask you to do this prayerfully. Please provide thoughtful input of the qualifications you have personally seen demonstrated by the nominee. After nominating a member from our congregation, we ask you keep this confidential.
Elder Nomination Form

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