Youth Group

Emmanuel Youth Group seeks to know God, know ourselves, know each other and know what to do about it. The mission of the group is to secure our identity as wholly redeemed and loved children of God in order to boldly live as salt and light in a world desperately in need of Christ.

So, what does it look like?

  • We are Biblically based. Emmanuel Youth Group offers a true, full examination of God’s word viewed through a Reformed lens and examined by personal exploration.
  • Emmanuel Youth seek relevant, but not replicating experiences. What we learn applies to living our faith today. We address real challenges: no fluff. And what we learn is different than anything our culture has to offer.

  • Emmanuel Youth Group is outward oriented. We are not just hearers of the Word, but doers also. We actively seek out those different than us; by color, creed and condition. Our goal is to affect the world with the transformative power of Christ.

Sound interesting? Here are some ways to join in!

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Stephen and Mary Beth Gombita